Infinocto Is engineering technology based Company

Infinocto Engineer's main goal is to wind up top specialist organization in its objective market for furnishing an exceptional expectations with development that includes 3D visualition stage with help of AR in the zone of Education, Engineer and Research

  • Utilizing 2D frameworks is out dated now we have landed in the realm of 3D thus as the expectations ought to be.
  • We investigated the market require and thought of 8 brands, one of a kind brands in which nobody is centering upon.

About the Brands

Initially we are taking the two brands in action which are Dr.ONE and GS3 respectively.

All brands are made by visualizing its market in future.

DRONE is growing technology in the terms of Geology, Security, Architecture, Power lines, Water bodies etc.

Dr.ONE is the brand of IE which is in charge for the UAV internships and teaching, Pilot certification, DRONE Racing competition, Online Blog community, Research and development significantly on COANDA and Quad-PLANE Online-application group helps pilot, understudies or specialist to have a typical stage to exhibit their creation or bring up the issues , the same number of a period these answers are not there in google

Application will likewise have an element in which DRONE stores are connected to it , so anybody can purchase the leisure activity parts at reduced rates

GS-3 Stands for Geological science, study, and study, which will be finished by the assistance of DRONE, because of high precision of these DRONE from conventional techniques they are broadly utilized as a part of Government and private bodies for any sort of topographical study

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