Drone Technology

Connecting the students to Future Technology

About DR.ONE

Dr.One is the first brand in the family of Infinocto Engineers. It deals with all the Robotics like drones. Drones are currently into a lot of trend and many industries are setting up in India itself thereby generating a lot of requirements for drone engineers, which we lack. So, Dr.one focuses on educating the Engineers as the industrial requirements and provide the industry with the best Engineers in their field. This reduces the cost and time invested in training the employees and makes it easy for them. There being a lot of demand in market, no doubts this is a boon for the students.


Trainning to provide end to end drone solution by Customize THE DRONE as per one's need

Pilot Trainning

Pilot Training Program of UAV Flying as Per DGCA Rule

Drone Community

We are making our Drone Community in which students can showcase their drones and can have their discussion in the forum.

Course Content

Introduction to UAV and Drone

Introduction to Parts and Components

Autopilot Introduction and Working

4G Network Connection

Introduction to Software

Flying Session

Our Courses


We conduct 2 or 3 days of educational program to give a basic overview of the system engineering of drones and flying session.

Price Per Head : 1500 - 2000/-


There will be 7 days of system engineering and training program in which the students will get to know the detailed working of drones and its individual parts

Price Per Head : 5000/-


The advance module is the training of 10 to 15 days in which students will work on manual, semi-auto and autonomous DRONES, including the DRONE flying and tuning .

Price Per Head : 7300 - 12000/-