Automobiles of Today and Tommorrow

Connecting the students to Future Technology

About MO-2

MO2 is the second brand in the family of Infinocto Engineers. It deals with all the automobile fields which includes Electric vehicle, ATV, Formula cars etc. which includes all the trending technologies cars. As the market Is expanding and lot of companies are shifting focus towards electric cars, so it will be important for us to provide them with the best engineers who have better knowledge of this technology and also the hands on experience, which will we highly appreciated by the industry and will be a additional advantage for the students. So, MO2 focuses on educating the Engineers as the industrial requirements and provide the industry with the best Engineers in their field. This reduces the cost and time invested in training the employees and makes it easy for them. There being a lot of demand in market, no doubts this is a boon for the students

Course Content

Introduction to Conventional and Upcoming Technologies

Engines Introduction and Working

Vehcle Dynamics and Design

Introduction to Parts and Components

Design Parameters

Fabrication and Practicals

Our Courses


We conduct 2 or 3 days of educational program to give a basic overview of the engines working and principles.

Price Per Head : 1500 - 2000/-


There will be 7 days of system engineering and training program in which the students will get to know the detailed working of engines, vehicles and its individual parts.

Price Per Head : 5000/-


The advance module is the training of 10 to 15 days in which students will work on fabricating and end to end designing with test driving .

Price Per Head : 7300 - 12000 /-